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EDITORIAL: A Blessed 2021 For All

Indeed the tragic incidents that hit the country in 2020 have put the nation’s resiliency into a severe test. Most telling is the corona virus pandemic the adverse effects of which continue to haunt us for almost a year already.

As if civil strife, unsolved crimes, terrorism, recession, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, endless drug menace, African Swine Fever and bird flu were not enough, three major weather disturbances took place in succession before the end of the year, which almost reduced us into a nation of mendicants.

But here we are, finding much reason not only to be resilient but with enough strength and determination to face life’s challenges.

Typhoons, floods and earthquakes are nature-driven. But man is largely contributory for engaging in immoderate deforestation and mining by those whose greed for wealth is unlimited and mindless of the consequences.

Such illegal activities would not have taken place without the imprimatur of officials who have enriched themselves at the expense of the general good.

The problem of terrorism is rather a tricky one for purposes of determining accountability. At the end of the day the general public is in the crossfire in the battle for control.

So, as we say goodbye to 2020 which caused us plenty of misfortunes, probably the worst in over half a century, let us buckle up armed with several tools. Some of them are either already trite or hackneyed but may still be applicable. Most of them are found in the greetings or wishes in welcoming a new year.

Leading in the wish list is good health which is an absolute necessity. Otherwise most of our activities would not materialize. Health is wealth, it is said. But wealth has its own limits. This is particularly true when it is generated with the use of evil means. Unless one is already without a troubled conscience.

Next in the list is prosperity which does not render conclusiveness, given that greed is insatiable. In the end being prosperous does not bring true happiness. If ever, the feeling of contentment leaves so much to be desired.

Also included is fame or popularity which is usually accompanied by a very poisonous substance that leads to self destruction if left unchecked.

In many instances, wealth, power, fame and accolade, are more dangerously intoxicating than alcohol.

Feeling of being in the state of blessedness brings indirect benefits. Among them are gratefulness, willingness to forgive, readiness to understand, satisfaction and emotional or even psychological stability.

May we all have a blessed 2021.


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