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EDITORIAL: Artificial Intelligence and Human Development

The world is going digital, affecting our global social and economic systems. artificial intelligence is here. The rate of change in science and technology is blinding and accelerating. The competition for skills and talent is increasing. Systems in education, commerce, government, and workplace are on tests. The competition for digital skills and talent will increase.

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the major components of the digital world. There are benefits for certain jobs and economic sectors line health and business management. But watchers are worried that AI, will destroy human intelligence and creativity.

AI-powered applications collect random data which might include spurious or bad ones, and feed into robots. This could mean disasters among human being and civilizations.

There will be benefits for digital companies that use task-based and output-oriented management system through the internet. Staff and employees can choose their place of work. They can have time to look for other sources of income. They have enough time to attend to their families and other personal activities.

On the other hand, there are also drawbacks. Right now, Access to government and private business transactions are now required to be online. Hence, only those who has the technical knowledge and skill in utilizing this system can accumulate more wealth and power. Only those who has the technical knowledge and skill in utilizing this system can accumulate more wealth and power. Millions of jobs are becoming obsolete, while new kinds of skills will be needed.

Digital transformation asks for the acquisition of devices such as smart phones, laptops, home WIFI stations and must know how to use them through the internet. Digital systems now are used in at home, buildings, transport vehicles, and drones, this digital transformation is guiding us into a new global environment and order. But this is only for those who can afford.

There is an urgent need to seal the world with an innovative, and compassionate brand of leadership needed by this present and coming generation. There is a need to overall our formal education system. There is an important need to develop and implement non-formal training programs for those who will be left behind by the technological progress. Buy this need new and innovative policy-makers who are looking forward not just at the present.

To catch up with this digital transformation we have to augment both formal and non-formal education and training policies, programs and projects with strategies to answer the challenges of the 21st century. We need to teach our old and young leaders to find sources like books, and the internet. This need a culture of self-study that helps develop leadership skills. There must be practical leadership training, face-to-base and online courses, and public leadership activities outside of the formal education programs for the youth.

Let’s hope that our next leaders will seal the world with an innovative, strategic, progressive, and compassionate brand of leadership needed by the generation of the 21st century.


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