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EDITORIAL: Celebrating Naga’s Sr. Citizens Month

IN the heart of Naga City, the month of October brings with it a special celebration - Senior Citizens Month. This annual occasion stands as a testament to Naga’s unwavering commitment to honoring and recognizing the invaluable contributions of its senior citizens.

What makes this celebration truly exceptional is the innovative initiative enshrined in Ordinance 2016-054, which welcomes senior citizens to actively participate in running the affairs of the city government.

As we embark on this unique journey together with our senior citizens, we find ourselves inspired by the harmonious blend of their collective wisdom with the energy and vision of our city’s elected officials.

Naga City has always been a shining example of inclusivity and respect for diversity, and this collaborative effort further strengthens that reputation. It is a representation of our city’s spirit, where every voice, regardless of age, is not only heard but valued and cherished.

Throughout the Senior Citizens Month, we can anticipate an exciting agenda filled with activities that showcase the vibrancy and dynamism of our senior citizens. These men and women will actively participate in decision-making processes that shape our beloved city, the Maogmang Lugar. Their invaluable insights, rich experiences, and unwavering dedication will undoubtedly enrich discussions on bringing services to the Nagueño.

This month is not only an opportunity for Naga’s senior citizens to showcase their talents, skills, and passion in various fields but also a chance to inspire generations to come. It sets an example for what active aging truly means - a life filled with purpose, engagement, and meaningful contributions.

Importantly, this initiative is more than symbolic; it represents a genuine commitment to promoting intergenerational cooperation. It’s about fostering connections between different age groups, bridging the generation gap, and learning from one another. Senior citizens have a wealth of knowledge to share, and it is incumbent upon the regular city government officials to seize the opportunity to learn from their experiences and insights.

This ingenuity also encourage the senior citizens to be vocal, passionate, and proactive in their roles as city officials. Their voice matters, and the city officials and employees, are eager to listen. The experiences that our senior citizens bring from their lifetimes will help shape Naga’s future, ensuring that it remains a city that thrives on inclusivity, respect, and innovation.

Their presence and participation are a source of inspiration for the city, and the city government personnel, are eager to work alongside them in the achievement of a brighter future for the constituency.

Let us celebrate Senior Citizens Month with enthusiasm, unity, and a deep sense of purpose. Let us cherish the bonds that this initiative will form, the wisdom that they are going to share, and the progress that the city will achieve by one cohesive team.

May this month be a testament to the enduring spirit of Naga’s senior citizens and the city we all hold dear. Together, we are Naga City, and together, we are unstoppable. (JBN)


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