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EDITORIAL: Corrupt or Less Corrupt, They Rob The Poor

The main issue today in all sectors of public information from print, broadcast, and social media is corruption. It is triggered by political interests in three budgetary provisions: confidential fund, intelligence fund, and maintenance and extraordinary fund, the euphemism for the former dishonorable pork barrel funds of honorable members of congress and the senate.

Reports say that in the Philippines, an estimated P1. 4 TRILLION has been lost to corruption in the years 2017 (P670 BILLION) and 2018 (P752 BILLION). The Ombudsman declared that around 20% of the annual government appropriation goes to corruption

Most politicians search for power and influence which can easily be obtained through employment and positions in government. They see this opportunity through millions of monies that can buy anything of value outside of government officials’ and workers’ legal incomes.

Corruption is a global problem, so others justify. It has many faces: bribery, fraud, money laundering, smuggling, hoarding, and even nepotism. It can undermine the trust and confidence of the citizens in their governmental institutions. It causes social unrest, militancy, anti-government activism, and subversive movements. It destroys development and our democratic systems.

Corruption preys on the poor. A single centavo lost through corruption affects infrastructure development projects. It drives out children of destitute parents from school. It robs the poor farmer, fishermen, small businesses, and producers from making profits for their sustainable economic activities. It takes out food from the table of the unemployed. Corruption hampers the delivery of basic public services.

From a universal opinion corruption is endemic in the public service sector. Hence, the question is no longer about corruption, but about who is the corrupt, and who is the less corrupt. Excessive wealth of government officials is hard to prove to be ill-gotten through corruption. Our audit system is developed by politicians that benefits from it. They invented a system that provide their own security from the crime. Hence, our ordinary citizens’ dilemma is how, and who can lawfully and successfully prosecute and penalize the criminals.

Fortunately, there is still a higher and more powerful force that works for the people. God, has shown us the way – it is the corrupt people in government who are now identifying and accusing themselves. They have finally revealed the illegal activities that we already knew, but lack the power to prove it.

By written facts, and through their own spoken words, the crime of corruption is clearly committed, and the perpetrators from the government and their private partners are being unmasked. There is self-incrimination happening among them. This is called poetic justice, karma. Let’s hope and pray that these cases will reach the courts of law. They have already been tried, convicted, and being penalized by their own conscience in court of morals and public opinion.

God is truly great. He is kind, just, and omnipotent. He will not let his innocent people down.


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