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EDITORIAL: Empty Unity Call

As the May 9, 2022 national and local elections draw near, it is becoming apparent that a considerable sector of the electorate is romanticized by the campaign slogans of ex- Senator Ferdinand Bong-Bong Marcos Jr. ,(BBM) foremost of which is his “desire” to foster unity.

Attractive as it may be, the fact is it is nothing but a mere propaganda devoid of any details. Any right thinking individual would be misguided to disregard importuning towards peace . Indeed, it is fool hardy to reject efforts for national unification. But the proponent should put flesh into the idea, which as it is stands is nothing but generalities.

Mr. Marcos’s political come on might merit fair treatment once a doable strategy of implementation, capped with measurable success indicators, supported by a time line and more importantly, a detailed plan of action to deserve serious consideration. As of now the most important element -- proof of sincerity, is absent.

The huge estate tax already fixed by the Supreme Court (SC) and followed up with a demand letter from the Bureau of Internal Revenue, gives BBM a chance to display earnest efforts to promote unity. Instead of making excuses in order to avoid the effects of the SC ruling which has already become final and executory, the Marcos family, as a manifestation of good will, should forthwith settle the estate tax. After all they are already enjoying the fruits of the assets inherited by them from the late strongman.

Want of candor among the heirs of the deceased dictator is obvious with their failure until now to avail of the tax amnesty pursuant to RA 11569. They should settle their long overdue estate tax liability not later than the latest extension set on June 24, 2023.

As the situation stands, the Marcoses would like to bake the cake and eat it at the same time, so to say. They want to deny that the wealth of the late tyrant is ill-gotten, while at the same time avoiding estate tax liability by invoking pendency of court proceedings that already established their estate tax obligations, in their capacity as heirs. The P 203 billion pesos estate tax liability would be of great help to lighten the burden from the current economic crisis.

In simple terms, the Marcos heirs are making a mockery of judicial processes via technicalities. If Marcos is indeed sincere in his avowal for unity, he should take the initiative of settling the estate tax liability.

Unless hocus pocus is applied, the Marcos heirs are trapped in the quick sand of genuine history and if they want to be extricated, they don’t have any other choice but to show proof of sincerity to merit public sympathy.

By seeking refuge via trolls who bombard the social media with the propaganda that the estate tax together with interest and penalties issue is fake news, the Marcos family unveils insincerity.

No amount of revisionism can help the Marcos heirs to earn public empathy because true history is the best teacher of today and tomorrow.

In fact, it will show that BBM’s call for unity is nothing but hot air. A polluted air perhaps. A call for unity without sincerity is empty and hypocrisy.


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