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EDITORIAL: Explain the Cause

Varied accounts point to the direction of attaining a nationwide herd immunity or population protection from the Covid-19 pandemic before the year ends.

This is notwithstanding the rapid infection attributable to the delta variant, the impact of which is not that deadly once given prompt therapeutic attention. Besides, reports have it that medicines are about to be available to render the virus non-fatal unless the patient suffers from comorbidity.

More importantly the vaccination campaign has finally found the right direction with the active role of the private sector. Also, those who hesitated to be inoculated already realized the folly of their stance.

A limited number is apparently invoking religious belief and cultural practices. It is only hoped that situational reality dawns upon them. Submitting themselves for vaccination is not only for personal protection. It has become both a social and moral responsibility.

Of late, Omicron, a new Covid-19 variant discovered in South Africa and identified in Israel, is said to have a very large number of mutations in critical parts in its spike protein. According to Professor Tomer Hertz, this variant includes 30 mutations just in its spike proteins and about 50 mutations in the entire genome period. It seems it has the ability to evade the immune system and increase the capability to infect, according to the professor.

Be that as it may, the situation is no longer as threatening compared to that when Covid-19 found entry into the country with health officials caught flat footed. This time most of the people have come to accept the necessity of observing the health and safety protocols. They have also accepted the need for vaccination.

There is however a nagging question that needs to be answered by health authorities not only to satisfy curiosity but also to dispel a nagging suspicion that the figures released daily by the DOH are being manipulated in order to condition the minds of the people.

The accusation may be branded unfair but given the situation when people are already paranoid, their anxiety is justified. To be specific about it, why is it that every time Undersecretary Maria Rosario S. Vergeiri renders her report there is that sort of footnote that so much number of laboratories have not submitted reports.

The DOH cannot treat this matter dismissively. The populace deserves an explanation on how come that such numbers of laboratories have not complied with the basic requirement of submitting their badly needed reports.

Unless this curiosity is satisfied there will always be an air of suspicion. The DOH is duty bound to require a satisfactory explanation for this redundant claim of failure to submit reports.

Redeeming public confidence is a must. Otherwise, all the government efforts for a massive vaccination will continuously be treated with a certain level of distrust.


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