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EDITORIAL: Exposing True Colors

To date, about 5M Filipinos have already availed the anti-covid virus vaccine. The good news is, so far, no serious side effects have been suffered by those who have been inoculated. True, some complained of headaches, dizziness, momentary pain upon being vaccinated and itchiness, but these are the usual side effects experienced after being vaccinated, anti-pneumonia and anti-flu vaccines included.

There seems to be no distinction in terms of efficacy of various brands of vaccines. They have practically similar side effects. Even the much publicized blood clot side effect of AstraZeneca vaccine does not seem to manifest among Pinoy vaccine recipients.

Those vaccinated with Sinovac, the most distrusted brand, do not also complain of side effects. Apparently distrust in the Chinese vaccine is attributable to the perception that products from China are of inferior quality or worse, imitations.

That should serve as a wake-up call to the Chinese manufacturers particularly of medical products. Many of them find their way to the black market, mostly based in Binondo, Manila , the local counterpart of Chinatown.

Leaving however the would be vaccine recipients blind as to what brand is about to be administered to them only immediately prior to the actual vaccination is impractical, time consuming, energy draining and deprivation of the right to choose.

Citing as purpose thereof the desire to limit the long queue of would be vaccine recipients is not enough justification to subject one who has been awaiting to be vaccinated only to be told that the brand he wants to be administered is not available so that he has to wait for sometime all over again in order to be eventually vaccinated.

It should have been more in keeping with the observance of the freedom of choice and the right to be informed of the medicine that he is about to receive. After all being vaccinated is a mere, privilege, not exactly a right.

It would be better for the government to encourage those who have the means, to avail privately of the anti-covid vaccine. It will lead to the shortening of the long line of the would be vaccinees. Of course those who decide to take this mode will have to assume the cost of the vaccine of their choice, aside from the fact that they must also pay the qualified person to issue the prescription.

This way the government would be able to save expenses for massive inoculation aside from generating badly needed revenues out of the sales of the vaccines chosen by the affluent. It may be discriminatory, but it is the government function to protect the needy. This is the very reason why citizens are distributed by economic classes. The more the affluence, the more the privileges, subject to appropriate taxes due, particularly in reference to excise taxes.

Those who wish to exercise their privilege to choose should not be restrained subject to the condition that they assume the expenses. They should not complain because that serves them good given that exercise of a privilege is always subject to payment of taxes.

This angle deserves a very serious consideration especially at these times when information is abuzz that Phizer and Astrazeneca vaccines promise to be a sure weapon against the Indian variant of co-vid 19 virus. Government authorities should not overstretch their understanding about HERD. Humans are not sheeps

Pardon guys but your zippers are open. Discouraging private availment of the chosen vaccine brand exposes the suspicious motive and shows the true color of the underwear


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