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EDITORIAL: Invoking Misogyny

Experience tells that local intramurals substantially define the outcome of national and local political exercises. At the same time the results unveil the quality of political maturity of a particular voting populace. The more the voters are free from traditional politics the higher is the indicator of socio-political awareness. Apropos thereto, the lesser vote buying and violence there is, the better the quality of the leaders and the lesser the chances of corruption.

Of disturbing feedback is the alleged hesitancy of some Bicol women to vote for Vice President Leni Robredo as President just because she belongs to the female gender.

The information if true, is most unfortunate specially because it has gained publicity at the time when the International Women’s Month is being observed.

They have overlooked the basic qualifications for the presidency. Most depressing is the view that women are not as capable as men in terms of leadership acumen. They must not have gained knowledge about women who have posted sterling qualities in steering their respective countries.

For want of time and space, the following are cited: Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, Indira Gandhi of India, Prime Minister Angela Merkel of Germany, Prime Minister Golda Meir of Israel, and Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard. And before the cross eyed complains, Corazon Aquino and (though grudgingly) Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who happens to be supportive of some quarters belittling VP Robredo.

Several other countries have been effectively managed by women such as New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan.

Contemporarily, women and men are of equal footing in a number of professions and careers. Even in terms of skills, those who belong to the female gender have invaded welding, butchering as well as heavy equipment operations. They have even rose to higher ranks in the military, police and fire bureau. In fact, some of them hold key positions within the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) as well as Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

While it may be true that women are less capable in lifting heavier loads, technological advancement has made the task less burdensome. As to sports, Hidilyn Diaz is the most concrete evidence that female Filipinos are out-performing the males, at least in weightlifting.

By the way before this basic reality is overlooked, there is one unique quality which makes women more superior than men—the capacity to bear a child. Men can claim all the best qualities nature can offer but they will never have the blessing of motherhood.

The sight of women braving the pain of giving birth to a child should always be a timely reminder about the greatness of womanhood.

By their own admission, some women are by default doomed to suffer from misogyny. And men who practice misogyny are insecure and conceited. Overall, the situation exposes socio-political backwardness.


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