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EDITORIAL: Non Functional

We are not much fond of blind items not only about showbiz personalities but even more so regarding the lives and doings of private individuals given that they encroach into one’s privacy.

This time however we shall take an exception to our view particularly in reference to a recent material aired over the program of broadcaster David Juliano of Ok Fm (Tsismis is my Bisnis).

Not so much about the innuendos employed which could easily render the subject identifiable, but more importantly when it touched the topic mentioning Binondo as the source of the controversial anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the program host, a local Chinese Filipino hotel operator had himself inoculated at Manila’s China town, the perceived hub of smuggled, mediocre and unregistered goods and medicines, at the price of Php 35,000, per injection.

This revelation may be true or not but this should at least prompt government authorities particularly the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to dig deeper into the matter, given the scandal exposed by President Duterte himself who apparently made the disclosure somewhat mockingly, that the military personnel in charge of his security already had themselves vaccinated as early as September, 2020.

The issue should be taken from a wider perspective. From the positive view the military men and women should be appreciated for submitting themselves as guinea pigs in testing the efficacy of the vaccine supposedly supplied by Sinopharm.

Should the soldiers die or get ill due to the questionable vaccine then they deserve to be honored as heroes and martyrs for sacrificing their lives to serve the general welfare and to protect the life of the President, in particular.

On the other hand, should they survive after a considerable period of time then they have to be prosecuted for smuggling and violation of existing laws and regulations, particularly in reference to the vision and mission of the FDA, stated as follows:

“FDA VISION — An internationally recognized center of excellence in health product regulation by 2026.”

“FDA Mission—To guarantee the safety, quality, purity, efficacy of health products in order to protect and promote the right to health of the general public.”

From the foregoing it is obvious that FDA’s function and responsibility are crucial not only on the national level but even internationally.

Situational realties indicate that FDA is being systematically rendered non-functional by fellow government officials themselves and make the agency virtually impotent or even inutile, if you wish.


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