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EDITORIAL: Political Discord

WE are disheartened to hear about the rising trend of discord brought about by divisive political conflicts that will surely have detrimental impacts on effective governance and societal progress.

Notably, the bickering between the prominent political camps of Marcos and Duterte has escalated into a serious verbal dispute or intense disagreement. The honeymoon period between them has ceased to exist.

The clash emerged shortly after the once ‘sweet’ camaraderie between BBM and Sara during the 2022 presidential campaign turned into animosity months into their respective terms. The deterioration of their relationship became evident after assuming the roles of president and vice president.

This editorial looks at the ongoing political discord between the camps of the Dutertes and Marcoses, focusing on contentious issues such as whether the International Criminal Court should be allowed to investigate the widespread drug-related killings during Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency.

The dispute might stem from their ambitious strategies to secure victory in the 2028 presidential elections, prompting serious disagreements or misunderstandings between the two camps at this early stage. Calls for Marcos to resign from the presidency surfaced, while the vice president faced threats of removal through impeachment proceedings.

Another point of contention is the P125-M confidential funds acquired in 2022 by the vice president from the contingency fund of the office of the president. These conflicts have been exacerbated by mudslinging and character assassination orchestrated by their loyal supporters, further intensifying the situation.

The Duterte camp even claimed on Sunday at a rally against people’s initiative and Charter change that Marcos was on the PDEA’s drug watch list, a claim that the government’s lead agency on anti-drug law enforcement denied.

The situation has further deteriorated, with both factions hurling accusations and threats at each other during large-scale gatherings organized separately. The regrettable state of political discord is a cause for concern in our society today.

The escalating feud between the Duterte and Marcos camps, marked by political bickering, contentious issues, and personal attacks, reflects a disconcerting trend of discord in our society. The deterioration of the once amicable relationship between President Marcos Jr. and Vice President Sara Duterte is emblematic of a broader issue within our political landscape.

As the tirades of yarns, accusations and threats are exchanged, it is evident that the current political climate is marred by animosity and a lack of constructive dialogue. The focus on personal conflicts detracts from addressing crucial matters facing the nation, such as the International Criminal Court investigation and the allocation of confidential funds.

Ultimately, the conclusion drawn from this editorial is a call for a more constructive and collaborative approach to governance. It underscores the need for our political leaders to prioritize addressing the challenges at hand rather than engaging in divisive disputes.

Only through genuine dialogue and cooperation can we hope to understand the complex issues that our society faces.

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