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EDITORIAL: Shadow Allegiance

THE recent revelations surrounding Mayor Alice Guo of Bamban town in Tarlac province, have sparked intense scrutiny and raised serious concerns about potential foreign influence in Philippine politics and national security.

Senator Risa Hontiveros’ assertion that Guo might be a Chinese “asset” trained to infiltrate and manipulate the Philippine government adds another layer to the already complex web of controversies surrounding the Philippine offshore gaming operator (Pogo) industry.

The allegations against Guo underscore the urgent need for a thorough investigation by both the Senate and other state agencies into her ties with Pogo operators and her personal background.

The implications of her involvement, if proven true, could have far-reaching consequences for Philippine sovereignty and security.

The questions raised by Senator Hontiveros are not unfounded. Guo’s sudden rise to power in 2022, without the support of any political party and with little known about her background, raises red flags.

The lack of public records regarding her identity as a Filipino national, coupled with her ownership stake in Baofu Land Development Inc., further deepens the mystery surrounding her true intentions and allegiances.

Moreover, Guo’s admission of facilitating permit applications for Pogo companies operating within the Baofu compound, which was raided for suspected involvement in illegal activities including human trafficking, only adds fuel to the fire.

The rescue of hundreds of individuals, including Filipinos and foreign nationals, from these operations highlights the severity of the situation and the need for decisive action.

Transparency and accountability must be upheld at all levels of government, especially when it comes to individuals holding positions of power and influence.

Mayor Guo’s refusal to provide clear answers regarding her personal background and sources of funding for her political campaign only serves to deepen suspicions and erode public trust.

As investigations continue, it is imperative that Mayor Guo fully cooperates with authorities and provides the necessary documentation to clarify her identity and financial dealings. The future of our nation’s security and integrity depends on holding accountable those who seek to exploit our systems for their own gain.

In the face of these troubling allegations, we urge lawmakers and law enforcement agencies to pursue the truth relentlessly and without bias.

The Filipino people deserve nothing less than full transparency and accountability from their elected officials, especially in matters as critical as safeguarding our sovereignty and national security.


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