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EDITORIAL: Sustainability Concern

Before extending so much hope and investing a bagful of inspiration to the community pantry in reviving the original bayanihan Filipino spirit,we should draw a categorically outlined set of guidelines in order to help in responding to the looming national famine.

It is not a charity but a mutual aid, it was clarified. Simply stated, it does not promote mendicancy . Otherwise, it shall meet the same fate that the fad of gardening or backyard vegetable growing is now facing. The point of saturation has been reached for which reason those who only joined the trend are gradually abandoning it.

Or, much even worse, it shall encounter the same failure with which the government is haunted, via the ayuda approach which from its very inception was a spur of the moment reaction, by highlighting the dole out mentality and in the end institutionalizes mendicancy,while promoting along the way, hidden agenda or in its most despicable form EPAL.

As to the plantitas and plantitos, in fairness, while some have already lost steam, many who still remain committed to the cause continue caring for the plants. Let therefore the flowers bloom so that the society may smell their fragrance.

In the same vein, let the community pantries grow and spread. Hopefully they can restore the glory and nobility of the bayanihan concept and help find purity of intentions by both the caring and the cared for.

Those behind the concept should not feel disheartened by some quarters who this early are red tagging them. Any innovative idea is met with skepticism more particularly by those who feel over shadowed. How come we never thought of this, they must be fretting. The lesson is simple. Nobody has a monopoly of knowledge. Participatory planning and implementation of plans and programs is most ideal, in a democracy.

Some misguided elements of the anti-communist forces see red in every admirable volunteer efforts instead of encouraging their growth particularly in these times of health and economic crisis They better have their eyeglasses well cleaned, while along the way locating where their hearts are. Or is it possible that community pantry is being misread as communist party?. If that is the case, then there is a need to reexamine their conscience as well.

Distancing from those in government with ill motives by claiming that red tagging is purely personal is very alarming. What parameters are at hand to define what is official and personal? What government institutions are already functional to prevent the prospects of overstretched invocation of mistaken judgment call?

On the other hand, a gentle reminder. The very laudable initiative deserves to be left free from rubble rousers. Let the movement grow sans ill-motivated personalities.

More principle-centered supporters need to come up with ideas and resources to warrant the sustainability of a private initiative. Let the caring care for more. Provide the cared for the chance to care in return.

Insulate the drive from opportunists so that initiatives clothed with kindness and compassion may become institutions for unity rather than discord.

Grant that greed for power and wealth should never outlive the interplay among people who genuinely care for each other.


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