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EDITORIAL: The Challenge of the Digital World

Let us digress from the traditional editorial model, and discuss a non-conventional piece today. We are living after the pandemic, the advent of global climate change, and the spectra of another unwanted world war.

There is a list of aspirations for the present, and coming generations of this 21st century. There is a silent call that our young people of today may grow to fill the vacuum of quality, developmental, and concerned leadership that this present generation may have failed to provide!

The winds of change:

1. The rate of change in science and technology is fast and accelerating

2. The world is going digital, artificial intelligence is here

3. The competition for skills and talent will increase

4. Government policies in education, economics, politics, and the world of work are under attack by global climate change

5. There is an urgent need to seal the world with an innovative, and compassionate brand of leadership needed by this present and coming generation

The stark realities of the present and the tasks of the incoming.:

1. Access to government services and private business transactions is now required to be online

2. Those who have no education and training to join the digital age will suffer from Intellectual poverty and bullying.

3. Those who have the technical knowledge and skill will accumulate more wealth and power

4. Learn, and get involved in science and technology

5. Join, participate, and be leaders in international youth affairs

6. Acquire the culture of a business or social entrepreneur

7. Develop an interest in economics

8. Take good care of the environment

9. Work for peace and development

10. Don’t forget the people who feed us. Our culture and traditions

The strategies of the youth to answer the challenges of the 21st century.

1. Find sources like books, and the internet - self-study helps develop leadership skills.

2. Participate in leadership training - Look for face-to-base and online courses.

3. Join leadership activities outside of classrooms – organize group events; like sports, etc.

Let’s hope that our youth will seal the world with an innovative, strategic, progressive, and compassionate brand of leadership needed by their generation.


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