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EDITORIAL: The Second Time

Yielding to popular clamor is a very convenient excuse in pushing the pen again. But that is adopting a statement very common among political wannabes who from the very start have trained their eyes upon juicy government posts and pretend not interested to be in the seat of power.

Be that as it may for every classification there is an exception. In the same sense not all those who participate in politics engage in dirty tricks by being traditional. In any calling there are always scalawags, journalism included. There is invariably a yardstick that measures the distinction between the paradigm of professionalism and its opposite.

Besides while it may be true that old dogs are not easy to learn new tricks, humans, being both with conscience and spirit, are not easy to be tricked or vulnerable to trickery.

The pen may be of less technologically savvy but at least it is with unadulterated ink that leaves the imprints of professional impartiality.

We are therefore back to the streets, still with a vision and mission ever believing in the lyrics of the song “The Second Time” by Elaine Paige which we quote--

“It’s the second time. I know I’ve seen you here before. It’s no coincidence, I’m sure. That once again my spirit soar and the second time. Is always harder than the first forgetting lines that I rehearsed. I fear the best I fear the worst.

Love is brave. It has ambition. Unafraid. Makes no condition when I say how much I love you. You’ll feel I’ve known you.

A thousand years.

For the second time. I feel I’m starting something new please understand the things I do. I’m unpredictable with you love is brave It has ambition. Unafraid. Makes no condition when I say how much I love you. You’ll feel I’ve known you.

A thousand years”

Indeed coming back the second time is very challenging and at the same time full of anxiety.

Whatever, we are here again not simply to satisfy the journalistic itch. Rather, we are back with a mission and vision of championing the cause of liberty, quenching the thirst for justice and satisfying the meagerest craving for truth and human rights, ever jealous of promoting rule of law.

Join us therefore in this ambition even as we “climb every mountain and ford every stream” as we cross a turbulent future, for the cause of press freedom.

Yes, we are scared. Yes, we face a very uncertain tomorrow. But we dare take the risk, even as we urge public support towards this end, Godwilling.


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