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EDITORIAL: Unity Stand

FORMER President Rodrigo Duterte and ex-Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez face strong opposition from some members of the House of Representatives who label their push for an independent Mindanao as unconstitutional, reckless, illogical, and divisive.

Bicol Mail echoes the sentiments expressed by these representatives, emphasizing the importance of maintaining national unity.

House Assistant Majority Leader and Lanao Del Sur Rep. Zia Adiong underscores Mindanao’s integral role within the nation, pointing to its rich cultural heritage and the significant contributions of its diverse population to the country’s identity.

Adiong stresses that contemplating secession undermines the hard-won unity and stability of the Philippines.

1-Rider party list Rep. Ramon Rodrigo Gutierrez reverberates these sentiments, emphasizing the constitutional barrier to Mindanao’s unilateral secession.

He warns of adverse effects, asserting that a divided nation would erode solidarity among Filipinos, disrupt economic stability, and hinder growth opportunities for both Mindanao and the rest of the country.

Gutierrez questions the claim of neglect, pointing out that Mindanao was well-represented during Duterte and Alvarez’s terms.

La Union Rep. Francisco Paolo Ortega V adds his voice against the call for a separate Mindanao, emphasizing the need to uphold the unity and integrity of the nation.

He highlights Mindanao’s historical and cultural significance, urging leaders to focus on fostering unity and rebuilding the nation rather than exacerbating divisions.

In lieu of divisive measures, Ortega proposes engaging in constructive dialogue and addressing the legitimate concerns of Mindanaoans through inclusive governance and meaningful reforms.

The collective message from these representatives is clear: abandon the push for Mindanao secession, prioritize national unity, and work collaboratively to address the challenges facing the country.


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