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Escudero: PH needs‘ healing president’

By Mar S. Arguelles

Sorsogon Governor Francis “Chiz” Escudero on Monday, Oct. 25, said that what the country now needs is a president that could heal the wounds that were ripped by politics that divided the country for so many decades.

Escudero said, “what we really need is a healing president that can heal the country from the pandemic but also heal the great political issues that divided the country for so many decades.”

Escudero, who is running for Senator in the 2022 national election was included in the senatorial line-up of at least four presidential candidates, has called on them to be united and help each other for the good of the 110 million Filipinos.

Escudero at the press conference said the next president should be reconciliatory with his or her political rival and ask for their help in addressing the problems of the country.

He said the province would be open to playing hosts to all presidential candidates who wanted to visit the province, “what is important is that they would be heard by my constituents as they present their respective platform and for them to choose intelligently their preferred candidate.

When asked who would he endorse among the six presidentiables, Escudero said it’s too early to endorse anybody from them, “they are all welcome here – lahat naman sila are my friends.”

“In the past, I decide to support a candidate based on the decision of the political party affiliation, so far the Nationalist People Coalition (NPC) has not yet decided who it will support, an endorsement would come by January.”

Escudero presented to media his provincial candidates led by Boboy Hamor, mayor of Casiguran who is running for governor, Wowo Fortes, the incumbent vice governor, running for congressional representative in the province’s second district, Dette Escudero, running for the first district of the province replacing her mother Rep. Evelina Escudero, who has completed her third and last term.

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