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Family restrained media from reporting Irish Mae rape-slay

By Paulo DS. Papa

THE bereaved family of Irish Mae Payonga on Monday, November 7, requested the local media here to refrain from reporting any detail and development of her rape-slay case as they encouraged instead those who have knowledge on the incident to help the probers find evidences that will lead to the solution of the gruesome crime.

In a press briefing, Shaila Dumalasa, a friend of the Payongas, read a brief statement that expressed the sentiments of the Payonga family.

She said: “The gravity of the loss has just starting to sink in the family. Please allow us to grieve deeply in silence as we also observed the gloomy situation brought about by the increasing number of gender-based violence happening in our midst.”

She said that “we are humbly requesting the media to exercise restraint on this unconceivable matter as the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation are currently conducting their respective investigations. Please let them do their mandated tasks.”

Dumalasa also said that “the family is fervently praying that both law enforcement agencies can find new and relevant pieces of evidence as a result of their thorough investigation.”

The Payongas also thanked the Ateneo de Naga University, the Universidad de Sta. Isabel, University of Nueva Caceres, the Camaligan parish, the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, and the relatives and friends who made their presence felt while they are in great sorrow.

Dumalasa informed the newsmen that it was the family’s decision not to entertain interviews in the meantime.

The victim’s body was buried last Saturday afternoon at the Eternal Gardens in Barangay Balatas, here.


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