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FIDA supports the 2023 National Women’s Month celebration

By Atty. Carmille Ann Baldonado

The Federacion Internacional de Abogadas (FIDA)– Camarines Sur is one with the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) and Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) in the celebration of National Women’s Month.

To commence the month-long celebration, the FIDAns conducted its start-off ceremony in recognition of women’s role and contribution to nation-building and as agents of national development through its Jail visitation which aims to extend free legal aid, counseling, and other assistance to Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL). The primary beneficiaries of the Jail visitation are PDL, which refers to any of the following: convicted prisoners, arrested persons taken into custody, detainees under trial, children placed in rehabilitation centers or halfway houses, and other persons placed in facilities which they are not permitted to leave at will by order of any judicial, administrative, or other authority.

Judge Jonel C. Martirez-Ursua, on behalf of the FIDA Cam Sur President, Atty. Noreen San Luis -Lutey, provided a brief opening remark which emphasizes FIDA’s aim to extend legal assistance or consultation to PDLs not just as a function of democracy, or of ensuring that justice is made available to those who need it most, but more importantly, to manifest that FIDAns care, women empowering women and to show them “na di namin kayo nakakalimutan”.

Consistent with the theme “WE for gender equality and inclusive society, FIDAns commit to continue with activities, particularly those it has undertaken for the welfare of women and children as they have been among our most neglected citizens.

The event’s highlight was the Question and Answer or “Kumustahan” led by Judge Jonel Martinez-Ursua, Atty. Marion E. Legacion, Atty. Peachy Alfelor-Molareda, Atty. Billie Joy A. Balbastre-Roxas, and Atty. Fe Rosario Pejo-Buelva to address legal issues, concerns, and challenges raised by the inmates and their commitments.

After that, FIDAns songbird Atty. Luningning Carios and talented lady lawyer zumba dancers--Atty. Vanessa Niña Pontillas, Atty. Maita Cabañes, Atty. Cherryl Barcenas-Nate, Atty. Charissa Torrecampo-Noble, Atty. Johanna Malang, Atty. Imee Fernandez, and Atty. Winstoney Marie Salceda-Mazo performed during the event to appreciate and celebrate the empowered Juanas in society. Also, a TikTok dance by PDLs and FIDAn members filled the activity with laughter and excitement. Lastly, a simple Jollibee salo-salo was shared among them, and distribution of hygiene kits for the PDLs led by the FIDA Cam Sur Vice President, Atty. Ellen Ernesto-Darilay.

Special thanks to the BJMP officers.

The FIDA commits to take part in other activities like this in this Women’s Month celebration.

A schedule of activities will be posted on this page, please tune in.


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