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Fiesta Heat wave in the City

Yes, ponies were installed in the Carnival Fair., we were right. The smell of freshly white-painted-walls of the Archbishop’s residence waft in the air. Pedestrian lanes are given a new coat. And, also the Porta Mariae is being given a new life. The fence of the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral brightly shines in dazzling white. Past the half of August, slowly the City is being dressed to the nines for the Peñafrancia Fiesta. Banderitas are appearing along the streets. Ahh, soon it is here!

Businesses are good during these times. Multitudes of people flock toward the city. Numerous events are planned to take place. Many competitions like; talent contests, marching bands, floats, trade fairs, etc. are in the offing come this September.

There are a lot of activities to do; fairs, carnivals, food tripping, livelihood training, handicraft-making, or indigenous jewelry making. Religious souvenirs are available at the Basilica Souvenir Shop, Naga Cathedral Shop, Peñafrancia Shop, San Francisco Shop, and, St. Paul Shop. Mass intentions are encouraged in nearby Parishes.

Peñafrancia is like Christmas. It is a feast. People come to the Pilgrim City. The Pilgrimage is sacred to Bicolanos and people from near or far and even beyond. When the Images of Ina and El Divino Rostro are in procession on the roads, streets, and avenues and in river waters, they are amid a sea of people that give goosebumps to first time witnesses. In the Naga River, boats accompany the pagoda. The riverbanks are filled by people who hold candles and wave handkerchief.

Even just watching it on television, one would be mesmerized by the devotion, dedication, and love of Ina’s children. Not withstanding the heat, the sweat, and tears, of showing gratitude to answered prayers, healed illnesses, and many more bountiful blessings. It is a personal bond between Ina and child that for those who believe, no explanation is necessary and for those who do not, nothing would suffice.

However, when unexplained miracles abound then perhaps one would think twice and ponder that Ina and El Divino Rostro work wonders. We surpassed a pandemic. We pulled through. We survived. Yes, there were sufferings but like the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary, we have passed the sorrowful mysteries. Come fiesta time, it would be joyful, glorious, and filled with light.

This is an invitation to all. A celebration. The people and organizers of the City of Naga made sure that this year it will be different. It will be different good. Because we missed the fun, the fervor, the fulfillment, and the feeling of a fantastic fiesta. Gone are the restrictions. But taking precautions would not hurt anybody.

This is the best time to come back to Naga for a visit. Especially for those people who had been gone for so long. We have a lot to offer now. Pagyamanin ang ating sariling bayan. Maybe, you will see more doors being opened. Business opportunities perhaps or relocating to Naga. Naga progressed aplenty.

Most Manila food chains are here now. Local fast food chains are growing. There are new malls. Condominiums and residences are in place. Affordable housing are now available. It is time to invest in Naga, it is time to invest in us. Because we matter.

We hope that Our Lady of Peñafrancia and El Divino Rostro will help you experience Naga as what it should be to each and every single one of us. The City of Naga is where our heart is and that it is our home.

May you be inspired by The Holy Spirit and God Bless!

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