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GMRC through Literacy: Approach towards Holistic Onsite and Modular Study

By Chrisanto Q. Dy

Principal I,

Lubgan Elementary School

A school must provide an environment that will serve as avenue to encourage righteousness, opportunity to be inspired and place of positive thoughts towards good manners and right conduct. Due to the past pandemic, distance learning modalities was implemented wherein pupils learned outside the school. Thus, it is very important that the school and home environment shall be conducive to attitude learning and an avenue for promoting values among learners.

Projects that provide learning environment conducive for learning good values is very important. Let us all contribute in llearners’ literacy and provide learning opportunities to pupils to learn moral principles which will enable them to be better members of the society. We can develop the reading ability of pupils through activities that will positively influence their behavior for holistic development of pupils. Activities that will ensure the exposure of elementary pupils in an environment that is conducive for reading development while absorbing good attitudes that are beneficial as they grow and be morally productive members of the community. Teachers, administrators, parents and LGUs shall work hand in hand to provide learning environments that offer greater opportunity to pupils to be familiar and learn simple but inspiring philosophies that might be their inspirations as they dream of their future. Further, initiatives that serve as avenue of pupils to avoid different negative thoughts as one of the rampant implications of social media is urgently needed.

School and community must consider series of activities to help restore the good manners and right conduct and improve behavioral performance of pupils at home, school and community. Activities that are old and seems to be obsolete but effective in teaching good manners such as expression of courtesy like Po and Opo, Pagmamano, greetings to peers or elders and the likes are shall be revitalized. Due to health restrictions, Pagmamano can be replaced by greeting other people by putting the right hand on the chest during or at home. Posting of sayings, proverbs and biblical verses inside the classrooms or to most exposed part of the school and at home shall also be implemented. All these shall also be used during remedial reading depending on its applicability and appropriateness. Implementation of such activities through podcasting is also being encouraged.

Unhealthy music must be prohibited inside the school during school program, instead Christian or inspiring music is encouraged. Participation of parents and community in this project is also highly expected through encouraging their children to apply in their home what they are learning in other subject area. The lyrics of songs can be used as reading materials. Let us also develop the day to day faith of pupils while enjoying reading habit. Pupils need to strengthen their faith even at the young age. Simple prayers but significant in their everyday routine in schools or at home could result to build up their trust in God Almighty with the help of their teacher and parents in schools and at home. Trough introduction of guided prayers, pupils’ reading ability could be improved while strengthening their faith.

Schools shall also focus their effort in ensuring that pupils are aware of negative and positive effects of social media, mobile games and other online application available in the internet. This will lead school to provide awareness on the use of technology towards development of pupils’ behavioral performance and protect the learners’ values from the negative and inappropriate use of technology in schools and at homes. Schools must utilize or encourage pupils and parent to use different technology in developing their reading abilities while gaining good values.

We shall recognize the school implementation and its efforts ensuring that all activities that benefit the learners are appropriately implemented. The contribution of all school personnel, including the school head, teaching and non-teaching personnel is to be a model among the pupils. All school activities and programs shall adhere to values centered scheme that would positively influence all other members of the school family especially the pupils. Also, recognition of the implementation of different values-centered projects in the school must be done. Parents and pupils shall be recognized through awards and incentives. Specific criteria can be provided as the bases of giving the said recognitions.

Revitalizing environment conducive for learning through good manners and right conduct cannot be attained without the collaboration of all the members of the community. Hence holistic onsite and modular education is a product of collective efforts of all stakeholders to ensure the academic excellence without sacrificing the essence of a good character at home and in school. Despite the global issues on the learning gaps which is still being addressed in the education sector, we must always do our part as fundamental factor in ensuring quality learning. Hence, it takes the whole village to raise a child.

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