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Goat poisoning leads to farmer’s shooting

By Paulo DS. Papa

OCAMPO, Camarines Sur--- An alleged goat poisoning has resulted to a shooting incident in Barangay San Jose Oras here while an old grudge between two individuals led to a hacking incident in Barangay Old Moriones on Monday, Nov. 30.

Staff Sergeant Reimon Joy Paaño, police investigator of the Ocampo Municipal Police Station, identified the victim in the shooting incident as Santiago Competente, 59 years old, a farmer and resident of Barangay San Jose Oras. He was shot by Jesus Villegas, 35 also a farmer of the same barangay who was accompanied by his brother Jobert Villegas, who was armed with an steel pipe.

Paaño told Bicol Mail that at around 8:00 AM on Nov. 30, the victim, who accused the suspect of poisoning his goats had a heated argument with the latter. During the verbal tussle, the suspect suddenly shot the victim with a revolver.

The police investigator said the brother of the suspect, Jobert, also attacked the victim using the steel pipe but the victim parried the attack using his bolo and fought back hitting Jobert’s chest.

“The victim suffered gunshot wound on his right forearm and chest. He is now confined at the Bicol Medical Center for medication” he said.

He said they failed to recover the revolver used in the incident after the suspects threw away gun to an undisclosed location.

The brothers have been arrested in a follow up police operation.

At around 8:00 PM of the same day, Raul Payte, 61 of barangay Old Moriones was hacked by suspect Arnulfo Punto, 5 of the same barangay.

Paaño said that sometime in 2019, Punto was stabbed by the Payte. The former did not file a case against the latter. The stabbing incident was not reported to the police authorities.

He said motive behind the hacking was probably retaliation.

Based from police report, Payte while in a drinking spree, was hacked from behind by the Punto.

Paaño said Payte sustained hack wound in the head near the neck. He was brought to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Paaño disclosed that the suspects are now under police custody and facing frustrated homicide cases.


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