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Haikus (2)

Bilang literary asin features editor kan UP College of Agriculture student publication, an Aggie Green and Gold, ini an iba kan sakuyang sinurat kaya idineklara akong poet laureate kan freshmen asin sophomore class kan panahon na idto sa pag-ultanan kan 1966 asin 1968:

Haikus (2)

The morning breeze takes

A dying old man’s breath-leaves

And dew-drops tremble


Of shadow and its absence

Petrifies the sun

Yonder break sea-waves,

And like those twinkling stars, they’re

Whispering silence

A smile breaks on her

Lips: crushing the whole world with

Lightning and thunder

Mortified spirit

Resurrects from a cold grave

It’s Mr. Moonlight

Arms outstrechted, praying,

The blushing IR-8’s are

Waiting for the rain


The Art of Leaving

Your handkerchief is wet

With a salty tears

That I cannot forget

Like deadly arrows that pierce

My grieving heart

But I have to depart

AGG March-April 1967


A Whirlwind in a Dream

Once the blue water was

In the curve of the stream;

There it was tangled as

A Whirlwind in a dream.

Once I had a happy life

But now I have sorrow,

And on my heart a knife

Which might fall tomorrow.

Sarong Bangui Newsletter (1968)

Iyan an mga rawit dait sa English na sinurat nin sarong oven asin inspirado alagad napupungaw na estudyante kan panahon antes kan Martial Law.

Thank you.

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