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Hope never tires, never retires

By Fr. Wilmer Joseph S. Tria

This Easter Sunday, one of our models as good Catholics and engaged citizens is Mary Magdalene. She is our model of hope. She stayed awake at night. She knew something was brewing. She could smell the aroma. So, while it was still dark, she got up and went to the tomb. Hope never tires. We all deserve to have a restful sleep. But not when there is something big to happen the following day. Yes, something big is going to happen in the near future. The National Election is just around the corner.Mary Magdalene’s excitement grew when she learned that the stone was removed from the tomb. She thought: ‘Something is not right. The tomb must be closed.’ Hopelessness and cynicism prevent us from seeing the stone removed from the tomb. We only see the crucifixion but not the resurrection. Hopelessness makes us tired and utter the lame excuse: ‘I am in a retirement mode’. Hopeful persons see the bright side. They see meaning in the stone removed from the tomb. Before, we call Philippine politics as politics of no choice. All are corrupt. All come from political clans. All receive money from drug lords and gambling lords. Today, there is hope. We have candidates with good track-record, with integrity, with humility and fear of the Lord. Now, we can choose these leaders with pride. And there is a growing number of people who no longer beg from candidates. Instead, they are the ones who offer lugaw, who produce campaign materials, who wear pink shirts bought from their own savings. There are even ordinary workers who donate their working hours and earnings to help their good candidates win in the election.

When Mary Magdalene saw the light of hope, she immediately ran and went to Simon Peter and the other disciples. She did not walk. She ran to tell people loved by Jesus. Peter and John did the same. As soon as they heard the news, they went out to check the tomb. Like Mary Magdalene, Peter and John, we must grab this golden opportunity to educate and not to indoctrinate, to enlighten and not to fool, to liberate and not to oppress our fellow countrymen. Helen Keller comforts us with the words: Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. Countless of Filipinos are vulnerable to lies, scam and cheating. Their extreme poverty prevents them from enjoying access to truth and freedom. May we walk with them during these troubled times. Let us not judge them. Rather, let us accompany them with love, patience and understanding.


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