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ICP’S SKK paPUSOg Progam

By Jose Jesus de Guzman

Last year, the Immaculate Conception Parish, through the initiative of its BEC/SKK (Basic Ecclesial Community/Saradit na Kristiyanong Komunidad), started a Rebuild Program for the victims of the super typhoons which hit the region in November. Dubbed paPUSOg, it aims to rebuild and strengthen the physical homes which were either totally or partially damaged. Many families living in shanties suffered, with their houses destroyed - roofs blown away and ceilings, posts and walls broken down. Other families expressed distressing and hopeless emotions. Exposure to the heat of the sun and rain almost brought them to desperation.

Through the effort of the SKK Core Group, the victims’ heartbreaking situations were alleviated. From families and close friends, donations came pouring in. These were spent on materials while labor was taken cared of by the family and neighbors of the victims. The bayanihan spirit was on. Soon, houses were being repaired and rebuilt, and spirits lifted up. There was hope!

To date, there were 15 houses rebuilt, structured and ready for occupancy. There is so much to thank the Lord for. He always give us ways to cope with life’s miseries. He provides us with persons with generous hearts who can assist us with our needs. There is nothing but gratefulness in the hearts of the parishioners and leaders of the parish to the donors, who in their act of kindness and love, were able to better the lives of those in need, building not only their homes but also lifting their dignity as persons.


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