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IECAP: Empowering Filipinos thru provision of education abroad

“So we know that it’s not enough for us to simply encourage more people to study abroad. We also need to make sure that they can actually afford it.” ―Michelle Obama

MANILA --- International Education Consultants Alliance of the Philippines or IECAP, a pioneering organization dedicated to helping Filipinos pursue quality international education in various countries, had its general assembly and induction of officers at Hotel Dusit on August 12, this year.

The event aims to make official IECAP’s commitment to empowering individuals to pursue transformative international educational experiences that will enrich their lives and the lives of their families.

With IECAP, Filipino International Education Consultants will now have a voice to represent and protect the industry, as well as promote and enhance the quality and accessibility of international education opportunities for Filipinos.

International education consultants can now have a venue to share best industry practices, provide seminars and trainings on the latest development in the policies related to student recruitment and visa application thru our member RCIC, MARA and NZIA advisors, promoting International Education Consultancy as a highly regarded profession.

IECAP envisions to be the leading authority in international education consultancy in the Philippines, ensuring equal access to world-class educational experiences for all Filipinos and contributing to a globally competitive nation. Founded on a strong sense of purpose, IECAP’s mission centers around fostering collaboration among its members, sharing both their expertise and experience, and upholding the highest ethical standards in the field of international education consultancy.


IECAP is composed of Filipino-owned International Education Consultants agencies with offices and branches found in different parts of the country. They have been operating in the International Education Consultancy field for more than five (5) years and have established their names and expertise in the field.

The event will mark a significant milestone for IECAP, bringing together esteemed members, partners, and supporters who have played a vital role in furthering the organization’s mission and vision. During the ceremonies, IECAP members will reaffirm their dedication to upholding the organization’s values and continue their collective efforts towards transforming lives through international education.

Here’s a list of their founding members:

WorldConnect Consultancy Services, Inc. - Catherine M. Altarejos

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation - Bertch Ian N. Ranis

Wise Immigration and Study Services - Ben Ryan B. Ybañez

Outbound Education and Internships, Inc. - Mary Grace T: Batocabe

Convergence Documentation Services - Elma P. Lagamson

InterAsia Migration Documentation Services, Inc. - Michelle M. Belludo

Ideal Visa Consultancy - Charity Mae Z. Delmo

Australian Link Visa Assistance Plus, Inc. - Noli C. Neri

Can-International Immigration Consultancy - Glendale B. Bongcaron

Doc Joy Documentation & Consultancy Services - Jocelyn B. Catampo

Gateway to Canada (Pro-active Immigration Advisers Corp.) - Apolonio E. Apuntar

Migration AUS-NZ Global – Atty. Mariano P. Carlota Jr.

Golden Summit International Consultancy, Inc. – Joel M. Angon

ACN Southern Immigration and Education Services - Wilfredo M. Natividad

Fortrust (CANZ Documentation and Facilitation Service) - Chrisel Marie Y. De Leon

Four Seasons Immigration and Study Services - Leah Fe B. Ybanez

Brillante Travel & Study Programs Int’l. - Minnie Brillante Nullar

IECAP has for its first president one of its founding members, Ms. Cathy Altarejos, who is the President and CEO of WorldConnect Consultancy Services, Inc.

Aside from inducting its pioneering set of officers, this first-ever organization of its kind in the Philippines will also conduct an all-day training for the staff of the various member-agencies so they can be better-equipped in dealing with the exciting new challenges and opportunities that await them.

The officers who swore into office on August 12, this year, are the following:

President – Catherine M. Altarejos (WorldConnect Consultancy Services, Inc.)

VP Internal – Bertch Ian N. Ranis (Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation)

VP External – Ben Ryan B. Ybañes (Wise Immigration and Study Services)

Secretary – Mary Grace T. Batocabe (Outbound Education and Internships, Inc.)

Treasurer – Elma P. Lagamson (Convergence Documentation Services)


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