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IN BICOL: 11 minors fall prey to trafficking-PNP

By Rhaydz B. Barcia

The Anti-Cybercrime Unit of the Philippine National Police in Bicol reported that 11 minors, some as young as three years old, fell victim to human trafficking in Camarines Sur.

According to Police Capt. Angelo Babagay, chief of the unit, the situation is particularly dire in Bicol, where minors were coerced into performing sexual acts on camera for pedophile clients in Europe.

Babagay emphasized the severity of the issue, noting that the youngest victim was only three years old and that the relatives of these minors facilitated the exploitation in exchange for money.

He cautioned against posting photos of minors online, as predators exploit such content.

The unit has filed cases against trafficking suspects, with some already convicted. Babagay urged parents to monitor their children’s online activities and highlighted the increase in cybercrime cases in the region compared to the previous year.

To raise awareness, the Anti-Cybercrime Unit conducts school visits and collaborates with village officials for information campaigns. Police Brig. Gen. Andre Dizon emphasized the shared responsibility of cybersecurity, stressing the need for vigilance against cyber threats in today’s digital age.


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