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in Rinconada Area: Ka Fuerte Iriga office releases burial aid

In the trusted service of Governor Miguel Luis “Migz” Villafuerte and Congressman Luis Raymund “Lray” Villafuerte Jr.’s Ka Fuerte Medical Assistance Program, a mass distribution of burial assistance was held on September 21, 2021 at the Ka Fuerte Iriga City Office located at Highway 1, Zone 3, Brgy. San Roque, Iriga City.

Under the program, those underprivileged with not enough means of paying for the burial and funeral expenses for their loved one’s passing could avail of the assistance. During the mass distribution, one hundred and four recipients from all of the municipalities in Rinconada area, namely, Bula, Baao, Nabua, Balatan, Buhi, Bato, and the city of Iriga received a burial assistance amounting to P5, 000 each.

When Cristine Ailes’ grandmother—who they fondly called “mamalola”—died of old age, not only did their family grieved the loss, they also struggled financially to give their mamalola a proper funeral. After hearing of the services the Ka Fuerte program offers, Cristine travelled from their hometown in Brgy. San Francisco Parada, Buhi to Iriga City in hopes of availing burial assistance for her mamalola.

“Our mamalola was the one who brought us up, and when she died, it was really painful for all of us. We all wanted to give her proper burial but we were short on money. That is why we are very thankful for the Ka Fuerte program for the assistance they so willingly gave us,” Cristine said.

EDUCATION SUBSIDY Students of Governor Mariano E. Villafuerte Community College in Siruma received the Tertiary Education Subsidy from the Commission on Higher Education–Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (CHED–UniFAST) last September 22, 2021. pgomultimedia/mmec09292021

Cristine used the amount she received to pay for the mortician who took care of their mamalola’s funeral.

To avail of the burial assistance offered by the Ka Fuerte Medical Assistance Program, the immediate family of the deceased must present the following requirements:

1. 1 photocopy of Registered Death Certificate, showing that the deceased did not pass away 3 months from his/her immediate family’s application to the program. The death certificate must also have a signed “Certificate of Embalmer”. Applicants should also bring the original copy of the Registered Death Certificate for reference.

2. Original Funeral Contract

3. Original Certificate of Outstanding Balance from Funerary

4. Original Certificate of Indigency indicating the applicant’s relationship with the deceased and with Barangay Logo/Dry Seal. Certificates of Indigency with erasures will not be accepted.

5. 2 photocopies of 1 Government-issued valid ID of immediate family applying for the burial assistance.

After availing of the burial assistance of the program, Cristine now hopes for the continuance of its services. “This program was able to give solution to our problems. It is a big help to us indigent people who lack financial capabilities to provide for in times like this,” she concluded.

Since its launching in August 2019, the Ka Fuerte Medical Assistance Program has been consistent in providing healthcare services for all underprivileged in need.

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