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Instituto De Caceres San Jose Celebrated the First Ever Intramurals 2023

By Jonalyn C. Gubat

The Instituto De Caceres-San Jose, a private school at the Archdiocesan Shrine of Saint Joseph, San Jose Camarines Sur has finally celebrated the first ever 2023 intramurals. This was held last April 27-29, 2023, with the theme “Building Camaraderie and Unity Through Sports.” This event aims to showcase the talents and skills of the students in different sports and competitions. The said intramurals was participated by the Parochialites featuring the four teams: Integrity (pink), Charity (yellow), Simplicity (blue), and Justice (green). The name of each team pertains to the core values of the school.

The first day of the event began at 7:15 in the morning as they  assembled for the opening parade of the students, followed by the Opening  Ceremony, raising of school flag and team banners raised by the team candidates for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2023. It was then subsequently preceded by the presentation of teams and eagerly anticipated yell presentation, a moment that brought a lot of joy for everyone since it signalled the commencement of the competition.

The torch was lit by Gil Karol P. Pilapil, Grade 10 student for the Torch lighting ceremony. After which, the Oath of Sportsmanship was administered by the  MAPEH coordinator, Ms. Marivel M. Malombay, followed by the Oath of Officiating Officials/Coaches by the  School Principal, Mrs. Leticia T. Chavez. Notwithstanding, the School Director, Rev. Fr. Luisito A. Occiano declared the opening of IC-SJ Intramurals 2023. These are all part of the opening program at the Instituto De Caceres San Jose.

The first day of the intramurals kicked off with a bang as students from different teams gathered to compete in a variety of event and sports.

After the opening ceremony, candidates from different levels heat up the crowd as they represent their teams in the Search for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2023. Each candidate looked competitive and athletic in their sports attire and showed exceptional performance. They also showed their brilliance in the Question and Answer portion which crowned the candidate from the Team Charity, Carl Jhedric Maputi (Grade 3) as Mr. Intramurals 2023 of the school, same with the candidate from Team Justice, Sheena Cama(Grade 10) as Ms. Intramurals 2023.

The sports feast, as it was dubbed, featured a different set of sports competitions that challenged the student’s athletic skills and tested their endurance.

Various sports activities were conducted in the afternoon as the entire teams were eager to find out which team will bring home the overall championship trophy for this year. The following sports events were chess, Volleyball, with exhibition game from the faculty and staff vs JHS team, badminton and basketball.

In the following days, the sports event began with Laro ng Lahi  participated by the elementary level held at IC-SJ school ground while other ball games were held at the Covered Court, San Antonio, San Jose, Cam. Sur.

The said games began in simultaneous with the badminton Single A, Doubles, and single B Men’s and Women’s category. Eight players smashed into elimination round, but only two moved on the finals. From Team Charity and Team Integrity for men’s category, while Team Justice and Team Integrity for women’s category. Team Charity men and Team Justice women took the championship title in badminton game.

In the volleyball tournament, four teams competed to win the championship title, but two teams were eliminated during the elimination round. During the championship match in volleyball boys, Team Charity spiked down Team Integrity while in volleyball girls Team Integrity spiked down Team Justice. Both teams played aggressively on the court in team offense and defense, but Team Charity (boys) and Team Integrity (girls) won the match and claimed the championship.  

Two out of four teams were eliminated on the first day and second day of basketball competition. In game 1 Team Justice won while in game 2 Team Integrity which moved them to the final round. On the third day, Team Integrity and team Justice both took part in the championship game. Both teams pursued for the championship title, but Team Justice succeeded with the help of their outstanding player.

Among the 4 competing teams, Team Justice bagged and claimed the trophy as the over-all champion for this year’s Intramurals. Followed by the Team Charity as the 1st Runner-up, Team Integrity, the 2nd runner up, and finally Team Simplicity, the 3rd  runner-up.


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