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Justice on Sexual Misconduct

Recently, I stumbled upon the inspiring story of Rose McGowan. McGowan was an actress in Hollywood. She was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. Rose knew she was facing a formidable foe. However, she had done her homework. She shared that she even had a board mapping out her battle plans very much like Genghis Khan.

A pivotal point in the case was the Police-assisted-entrapment of Weinstein trying to carry out a sexual predation on another aspiring actress, model Ambra Gutierrez. It was recorded. And, kept on file. At this stage, the others had the guts to share their stories and it became the #MeToo movement.

Rose led the movement. I remember the Saint who went against an army and won a war. Saint Joan of Arc. Rose also sports a short-length-hairdo almost cropped to the scalp.

Weinstein was the epitome of the rotten system in Hollywood. Rose knew about it right away when her manager went ballistic and had a Freudian slip, he then cursed Weinstein and exclaimed that he hoped Weinstein had kept his promise.

The poignant moment was the supreme accolade given to Weinstein at the Oscars. Meryl Streep thanked him, referring to Weinstein as God, albeit just a God not The God.

Yes, every time Weinstein committed a sexual crime, his company Miramax offered a settlement reaching to millions of dollars. The agreement states that they cannot tell anybody not even their family. He employed spies and the like to follow, gaslight, and, harass his victims.

Slowly, the pot was about to overflow. One staunch foe of Weinstein told him he would spill the beans, but, was told by Weinstein that you are not so clean yourself. Here comes Ronan Farrow, son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. A journalist. Rose asked Farrow if he was brave enough. While, the rest underestimated him, he gave his valiant yes. He worked on the story with Rose. Rose knew what she had to do. And, Farrow did what he had to do.

Then, the tipping point happened, Farrow’s story was published in The New Yorker on October 10, 2017. Understandably, Weinstein denied it. Over 80 brave women officially came forward to share their stories. These women all said no. Ashley Judd in an interview said the same, no means no.

Finally, the time of reckoning, Weinstein was arrested and cases were filed. The trial proceedings involved three more courageous women. He came to court with a walker but immediately after being found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, the court officers handcuffed him and the steel bars would be the only things he could hold on to inside the prison cell.

Again for emphasis, it is a rotten system. It happens in any field. The ways of the world. Satanic. Treacherous and wily. Precarious and scheming. The lures of wealth and power. The vanity of vanities. Greed becomes greedier and becomes greediest. The appetite for more and so much more is insatiable.

Would you be able to succeed in Hollywood while keeping your moral values? A resounding, yes. There is no elevator to success though, you have to climb the stairs. No shortcuts. Goldie Hawn in her early years as an actress was told to take her clothes off so she could make it as a movie star. She said no. And, when she finally made it. She talked to the man who gave her that insidious comment. Look I made it and I did not have to take my clothes off.

Fortunately, there is always a star of hope. Where everyone will be spared. Even if your ship is on fire and you had to jump off into the waters and much worse you do not know how to swim. Rose McGowan is there. Ronan Farrow is there. And Ashley Judd and Goldie Hawn. Most essentially, Mama Mary and Jesus are there. Bravery is beneficial. Courage is contagious. Together with the Holy Spirit they are an impetus for a forceful and impactful change. Share your stories, we are here to write them.


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