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Karapatan slams killing of Buhi village councilor

By Mar S. Arguelles

Human rights alliance Karapatan has denounce the killing of Froilan Oaferina III, a village councilman of Buhi town, who according to the group is the normal practice of the police in pursuing Duterte’s Kill, Kill, Kill marching order aimed to silence critics of the administration.

Nida Barcenas, secretary general of Karapatan Bicol, in a statement has urged the public that advocates for human rights to be strong and to intensify its campaign to oppose and condemn Duterte’s Kill, Kill, Kill campaign.

Barcenas said law enforcers are using the court’s search and arrest warrants in toppling militant groups and their supporters.

The law enforcers also use these warrants to justify their actions to use force or killing the suspect for reasons that they resisted or “nanlaban” during the service of warrants.

They even use these warrants to sow fear, plant evidence and to rob their victims of hard earn money and valuables, leaving the families in terror, the statement said.

Karapatan said 12 people tagged as members of militant group or suspected supporters were killed by law enforcement personnel since January 2021.


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