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Lagman embraces ‘Governor Attorney’ title preference

By Manuel T. Ugalde

LEGAZPI CITY --- Albay residents are curious about the unique title the current provincial governor prefers, deviating from traditional political labels.

Unlike his father, Congressman Edcel Lagman, who opts for a simpler title, the incumbent governor embraces the designation of Governor Attorney Edcel Grex Lagman.

The choice may stem from their legal backgrounds, as both father and son were prominent lawyers before entering politics.

During his tenure as vice governor alongside Gov. Al Francis Bichara, Lagman didn’t prominently feature his title on materials. However, circumstances shifted in November 2022 when he assumed the governorship due to the disqualification of the elected governor. Since then, Governor Attorney Edcel Grex Lagman has become the official title.

Rumors swirl about potential gubernatorial runs for both Lagmans, pitting them against Congressman Joey Sarte Salceda in the 2025 elections.

Despite recent controversies, Gov. Lagman maintains his stance against allegations, while daughter Krisel Lagman Luistro considers running for the first district. This sets the stage for a showdown between longstanding political figures in 2025.

Observations by Professor Virgilio Perdigon highlight the departure from tradition in affixing legal titles to political positions, contrasting with past Albay governors and even notable figures like President Marcos and President Duterte. Such practices, though uncommon, may signal shifts in political identity and perception.

In jest, one might imagine a future where officials affix military ranks or other titles to their political designations, reflecting their previous roles. However, these choices often serve to distinguish individuals and their backgrounds in the political arena.


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