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Law establishes Bombon Freshwater Fish Hatchery

By Mark Gomez

The establishment of a freshwater fish hatchery in Bombon, Camarines Sur is now a reality with the enactment of Republic Act No. 11810 on June 2, 2022.

The law was principally authored by Camarines Sur 3rd District Representative Gabriel Bordado Jr. and was sponsored in the Senate by Senator Cynthia Villar. Its primary objective is to promote the nation’s aquaculture in order to contribute significantly in terms of food security, employment and foreign exchange earnings.

According to R.A 11810, the freshwater fish hatchery will be under the supervision of Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) of the Department of Agriculture (DA).

Prior to the construction of the hatchery, BFAR will conduct a full scale feasibility study for its establishment to comply with the requirements of the Department of Budget and Management.

After completion of the hatchery , BFAR will transfer the management to the Bombon local government unit (LGU). In turn, the LGU will implement a training and phasing program for local government personnel on the management and operation of the hatchery.

BFAR will also conduct continuing research and experimentation on the breeding production of freshwater species , especially as they apply to the local conditions, to discover new methods and technologies that will enhance the fish industry.

The law directs the DA secretary to include in the agency’s budget the conduct of feasibility study and the subsequet establishment of the hatchery, the funding of which shall be included in the General Appropriations Act.

For its part, the LGU will set aside funds from any available local revenue in an amount deemed appropriate for the operation of the hatchery.

The DA secretary is task to issue the rules and regulation on the operation, supervision, monitoring and the transfer of management of the completed hatchery to the LGU.


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