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Legacion delivers ‘23 State of City Report

By Jason B. Neola

EMPHASIZING transparency, accountability, predictability, and active community involvement as the pillars of good governance advocated by the Asian Development Bank, Mayor Nelson Legacion assured Nagueños in his State of the City Report on Tuesday, December 13, that the city will persevere in serving its constituents by embracing such principles.

The mayor, however, went beyond mere adoption, expressing his commitment to actively implement and achieve tangible outcomes. “Good governance should be evident and impactful for our people,” he emphasized.

Highlighting the importance of a responsive government meeting its obligations, Legacion stressed that effective governance occurs when leaders, in collaboration with stakeholders, address challenges faced by citizens.

Addressing over 700 individuals, Legacion spoke of the benefits of adopting “collaborative governance” and “people-centered development,” embodied in the Maogmang Lugar Long Term Vision outlined in the city government’s Comprehensive Development Plan.

Referring to these governance principles as “Good Governance Plus,” anchored on a caring, dependable, and reliable government, Legacion pledged to utilize them as tools to fulfill Nagueños’ aspirations of transforming Naga into an economically empowered, peaceful, progressive, and productive city—safe, vigilant, environmentally friendly, and resilient.

MAYOR Nelson Legacion radiates confidence as he stands before an approving crowd, championing collaborative governance focused on a caring, dependable, and reliable government. Committed to realizing Naga’s aspirations, he pledges to use these principles to transform the city into an economically empowered, peaceful, progressive, and productive hub—ensuring safety, vigilance, environmental friendliness, and resilience.

Allen Reondanga, head of the City Events, Protocol, and Public Information Office, said that the mayor’s 1-hour-and-40-minute report progressed with intermittent interruptions, marked by 74 rounds of applause echoing from the crowds composed of business leaders, the common tao, government personnel, barangay officials, representatives from public and private entities, the academe, and the medical sector.

The city mayor’s report highlighted significant achievements in education, including the establishment of Sta. Cruz National High School with 745 students, reducing the need for daily commutes to Camarines Sur National High School.

Additionally, San Isidro National High School with 317 enrolees, Balatas High School with 355 enrolees, Yabu Elementary School with 174 enrolees, and Mabolo National High School with 67 enrolees have relieved students from traveling to distant locations.

The Legacion administration successfully inaugurated five new schools, consisting of one public elementary school and four public secondary schools. Remarkably, 82 classrooms were constructed within four months, providing a conducive learning space for 3,280 learners and addressing classroom congestion.

Mayor Legacion emphasized that these efforts aim to enhance the learning environment for the city’s children.

In his health agenda, the local chief executive highlighted the significance of establishing the Naga City General Hospital to address the shortage of healthcare facilities experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The initiative reflects the city government’s commitment to building a healthier community.

The upcoming Level 2 NCGH, scheduled to open soon, includes a dialysis center offering cost-free or subsidized services through a partnership with national government entities.

The mayor emphasized the city’s dedication to health advocacy, involving institutions like Our Lady of Lourdes Infirmary, Naga City Health Offices, and the Super Health Center, along with various rural health centers across the 27 barangays.

He said that these efforts provide Nagueño families with enhanced access to quality healthcare services. Acknowledging the national government’s trust in the city’s leadership, Naga received a P110 million allocation per LGU for the Medical Assistance to Indigent and Financially-Incapacitated Patients program.

The initiative, conducted in collaboration with Ako-Bicol Partylist, facilitates free consultations, medicines, and laboratory tests across the barangays.

To ensure sustained support, the AKB will seek additional funding assistance of P200 million from the national government once the initial funds are exhausted. This ongoing project aims to reach out repeatedly to barangays, offering aid to those unable to reach hospitals or health facilities. (To be continued on next issue)


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