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Legazpi City cancels Ibalong fest due to Covid-19 spike

By Connie Calipay

The Legazpi City government cancelled Ibalong Festival which is supposed to resume after two years in August this year due to the increasing cases of Covid-19.

Agapita Pacres, head of the City Tourism Office, posted the cancellation on social media on July 8.

“In the interest of safety and health, and (in) consideration of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, we would like to inform the general public that the 31st celebration of Ibalong Festival this Aug. 12 to 21, 2022, is hereby canceled,” Pacres posted.

“As of today, tourists are very much welcome in the city and experience the city of adventure. As to the resorts and hotels, we are still implementing the health protocols. In case of any changes, we will wait for the official recommendation of the Covid-19 Task Force,” Pacres said in an interview.

The cancellation was made upon the recommendation of the task force and the Ibalong executive committee to prevent the further spread of the virus.

As of July 4, the Department of Health in Bicol reported 401 active cases, 27 of which were in Legazpi City.

The Ibalong Festival is a non-religious event depicting Bicol’s early beginnings based on the Ibalong epic of mythical heroes, villains, monsters, and wild animals. (PNA)


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