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Legazpi City esplanade to attract tourists due to health-enhancing feature

By Cet Dematera

The completion of the 1,200-meter Legazpi City esplanade or walkway is being anticipated to draw domestic and foreign visitors due to its health-enhancing feature and its location that is in front of the panoramic Albay Gulf and with full a view of the majestic Mayon Volcano.

Legazpi City engineer Clemente Ibo said the P32-million structure had already drawn joggers and health enthusiasts into it even though it was merely 80 percent completed, because of its unique pavement that is made of paver stones, long believed to have a therapeutic effect when pressed against the bare feet.

“Its location is really unique and possesses all the potential to become another tourist-drawing destination in Legazpi,” he said, adding that the walkway is ideal for leisure and physical fitness activities.

Ibo also said the city government will “put up uniform stalls that can be rented by the residents who would venture in small and medium business in order for them to generate additional income”.

He said that the city government has allocated again an additional P20 million for the construction of phase 3 of the project and is expected to be finished before yearend.

Legazpi city Mayor and Albay Governor- elect Noel E. Rosal in a separate interview, said people are attracted to walkways with health-boosting features.

“That’s why we put up such tourist drawing structure. And we decided to locate it along coastlines for a more serene environment and free from city hassles such as noise and air pollutions,” Rosal said.

Rosal is known for putting up tourist destinations that showcase the city’s beautiful spots, including the cone-shaped Mayon volcano and the panoramic Albay Gulf.

Before the pandemic, the city opened the Sawangan Park and Kalayaan Park as additional destinations for domestic and foreign visitors


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