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Legazpi IATF notes spike in Covid-19

By Mar S. Arguelles

The Legazpi City Interagency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF) has warned residents about the slight surge in the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases in the city due to the influx of locally stranded individuals (LSIs) and authorized persons outside residents (APORs) from Metro Manila and other regions.

Mayor Noel Rosal said the spike of Covid-19 cases has prompted the IATF to issue an advisory reiterating the call for the stricter enforcement of the health protocols and border checkpoints.

“We are experiencing a slight increase in Covid-19 cases mainly due to the arrival of LSIs and APORs that may have passed through the Covid-19 border checkpoints without proper travel pass documents,” Rosal said.

Citing a city Covid-19 data, Rosal said that from Dec. 1 to 15, it has recorded five to six cases during the period and this surge to an average of three cases in daily incidence from Dec. 16 to 18.

“Let us protect each other. Let’s strictly observe the health protocols, and consider the cost of relaxing Covid-19 restrictions for the holiday season, which can lead to further restrictions and even lockdown if the cases resurge,” Rosal said.

The IATF is expecting an increased in inbound travelers including people will tend to gather in homes, shopping malls, public places and churches.

In order to prevent the further rise of Covid-19 cases, new and additional health protocols have enforced in the city, which include:

All inbound travelers (LSI, ROFs, APORs) are required to pass through the City Community Home Quarantine facility immediately upon arrival, going home directly would not be permitted. All barangays were directed to strictly monitor and report inbound travelers in their area;

Wearing of masks and face shields is required in all public places and transport facilities;

Ban on the playing of videoke and karaoke machine in business establishment. However, videokes may be allowed in homes starting 5:00 to 8:00 PM with a sound level at a maximum of 80 decibels.

Ban on Christmas parties, social gatherings, caroling, and other forms of gatherings that violate the standard health protocols; and Firecracker selling and use is also strictly prohibited.

Legazpi City Covid-19 update shows that as of Dec. 18, the IATF recorded 386 Covid-19 cases. Of this figure, 355 are reported recoveries, 15 are still sick and 16 reported death.

The IATF said that of the 70 villages in the city, nine villages have zero Covid-19 cases since the March, two villages are under the Yellow category (minimal active cases) and majority of the villages are under Green Category (no active cases, but the risk of infection is still present).


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