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LEGAZPI JUETENG: Whistleblower dared to disclose all names

By Manuel T. Ugalde

A group of senior citizens in Legazpi City has challenged the jueteng whistle-blower to disclose all names involved in the illegal number game, particularly pointing out the incumbent Albay governor, Grex Lagman, for alleged involvement in jueteng payola.

Former Albay capitol worker revealed to local media that he filed a case against Governor Lagman, accusing him of being part of jueteng payola during his time as vice governor. Lagman, who was re-elected vice governor in 2022 but later became governor due to disqualification of Noel Rosal, denies the allegations.

Whistleblower Alwyn Nimo’s credibility was questioned for singling out Lagman, with Nimo accused of politically motivated motives.

Nimo claims to have filed a case against Lagman, citing alleged bank records of deposits during Lagman’s vice governorship. Lagman counters, stating Nimo’s actions are politically motivated.

Retired police officer Col. Diego Lopez criticized Nimo, urging him to reveal all names involved in the police force, local government, and media related to jueteng payola.

Former provincial board member Gil Goyena admitted involvement in jueteng during his time, supporting Lopez’s challenge. Jess Bariso of Radio Veritas Legazpi emphasized Nimo’s need for credibility in exposing the payola lists.

The history of jueteng scandals in Bicol was revisited, with past whistle-blowers Mayor and Cam linking First Gentleman Mike Arroyo to jueteng.

The Senate probe spared Bichara, then governor in 1995. Nimo, a former Sangguniang Kabataan and barangay chair, was previously engaged in construction for livelihood.

In 2017, during a press conference in Legazpi, then PNP chief Bato dela Rosa prioritized drugs over jueteng. An attempt to prompt him to name media figures involved in jueteng payola was unsuccessful, ending the press conference abruptly.


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