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Legazpi targets 23k dogs for anti-rabies vaccination

By Emmanuel Solis

The Legazpi City Veterinary Office (CVO) targets to vaccinate 23,000 dogs this year as part of its intensified rabies control and prevention program.

City veterinary officer Dr. Emmanuel Estipona said in an interview recently said that they have inoculated almost 6,000 dogs since January.

He noted that in the past years, the CVO only recorded one or two stray dogs for every one-kilometer distance but these days, there are five to seven stray dogs found in a one-kilometer stretch.

“The CVO is continuously conducting stray dogs operation day and night in different villages including subdivisions and other public places as part of the city’s stray dogs’ elimination program to prevent the spread of rabies cases in the community and also to prevent dog-triggered vehicular accident in public places,” Estipona said.

He encouraged all pet owners to support the city’s anti-rabies ordinance by keeping their animals in their own backyard and regularly bringing them to the veterinarian for vaccination.

“The present dog pound in Barangay Banquerohan is under renovation. But Mayor Noel E. Rosal has pledged already to put up another dog pound as additional container of captured dogs,” Estipona said.

Based on the city’s anti-rabies ordinance, all dogs and cats must be registered at the owners’ respective villages and regularly vaccinated against rabies.

Estipona said barangay leaders play an important role in the eradication of dog bites and rabies infection through seminars on responsible pet ownership to their constituents. (PNA)


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