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Leni’s daughter Tricia accepts survey figures

By Mark A. Gomez

The daughter of presidential aspirant Vice President Leni Robredo said her family and her mom’s campaign team have accepted the results of the latest election surveys, saying that the just like in the 2016 polls, the survey results gave them hope that their mother can fight and win the election for the presidency.

Dr. Tricia Robredo, VP Leni’s second daughter, during the April 10 press conference in Matnog, Sorsogon, said that she is confident that her mother can catch up with the survey rating of Bong Bong Marcos (BBM) through the help of volunteers and the campaign team.

The latest survey result showed a 9 percent increase in my mom’s rating. It is not a easy feat. It is a big jump. We believed that momentum is on our side. We are very thankful to the volunteers who are working hard to campaign to further increase the rating. At the end of the day, the most important numbers are the result of the voting on May 9, she said.

Tricia also urged supporters not to be over confident on the overwhelming attendance of people during her mother’s rallies. We have to work harder to overtake the survey rating of Marcos, she added.

She said that it is important for their supporters to debunk false information so that people can be enlightened in order for them to choose the right leader for the country.

According to her, they are now focusing on person-to-person campaign especially among the poor sector of society.

She said through this they will be able to reach and hear personally the needs and sentiment of the people, adding that, they are used to this kind of campaign during their father’s time and the congressional campaign of her mother in 2012.


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