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LGBTQIA+ officers in Naga sworn into office

By Jason B. Neola

To help curtail, if not totally stop, the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a retrovirus which causes AIDS.

That is one of the main objectives why the federation of LGBTQIA+ was founded based on the statement made by Vincent Peñera, the president of the aggrupation of different organizations of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, queers, intersexual, and asexual in the city.

According to Peñera, there’s a need first to form a strong alliance among their lot “so that an effective campaign against the dreaded disease or disorder will push through.”

A Department of Health research site said that HIV/AIDS infection in the Philippines might be low but growing fast. The Philippines has one of the lowest rates of infection, yet has one of the fastest growing number of cases worldwide.

The federation officers, who took their oaths last April 11 at the Naga City People’s Hall, with Vice Mayor Nene de Asis as administering officer, encouraged individuals of their kind to have themselves acknowledged in their respective barangays by registering as members of the federation.

Peñera said that aside from campaigning against HIV/AIDS infection, the federation will work also as the voice of the sector and will ensure that all members are oriented about their rights as citizens.

The federation also aims to establish livelihood projects and scholarship programs to LGBTQIA+ youths, especially the out-of-school and those belonging to families living in penury.

Assuring his fellow LGBTQIA+ members that they can triumphantly pursue their plans because everything is possible, Peñera stressed that “nothing is impossible because the world itself says that I am possible.”


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