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LGU Naga’s health exec: Be warned vs waterborn diseases’

By Jason B. Neola

WHILE waiting for reports on possible incidents of food poisoning, typhoid fever, cholera, and other infections listed as waterborne diseases, the city government of Naga thru its City Health Office, advised the public to observe precautionary measures.

Dr. Ronnie Amoranto, acting city health officer of the city government of Naga, advised the pubic to be careful enough about the water they drink.

He said that because of floodwaters brought by TD Amang, it can be possible that cases of waterborne diseases have appeared or may appear in the days ahead.

Aside from typhoid fever and cholera, a mosquito-borne parasitic disease called malaria might also occurred along with dysentery, diarrhea, hepatitis, and polio.

He also advised households to store potable water in clean containers that should be washed daily. “I am strongly enjoining our constituents to always wash their hands before and after preparing food or eating, especially the children who should be taught on hand washing,” he said.

The City Health Office is expecting to receive the reports on the incidents of such diseases from the barangays within this week.


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