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LGU Naga worker in LEAD fellowship, FBLP

By Errol Ivan Badong

With great honor and pride, James Nathaniel Refugio, an LGU-Naga employee and a working student scholar has been selected as one of the 20 fellows of Leadership and Democracy LEAD Fellowship 2- Future Bridging Leaders Program (FBLP) 5 by the Asia Foundation and Asian Institute of Management, respectively.

The Leadership and Democracy LEAD Fellowship is a transformative initiative aimed at empowering emerging leaders in Asia with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive positive change in their communities.

Refugio was chosen to be part of the Changemakers Track, a cohort of exceptional individuals committed to making a difference. He has been active in community development for more than decade and plays key leadership roles in community, school, and government.

The FBLP program is designed to provide its fellows with a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, enabling them to develop their leadership abilities and create meaningful impact. It encompasses three distinct phases, each with its own focus and objectives. The Phase I is scheduled from July 14 to 23, 2023 which will kickstart the program with intensive sessions on leadership development and democratic governance. The Phase 2 is set on November 17 to 25, 2023, which will delve deeper into social innovation and entrepreneurship. While the final phase, Phase 3, will be held from March 18 to 26, 2024, and will concentrate on sustainable development and nation-building.

The Asian Institute of Management, renowned for its commitment to excellence and leadership development, serves as the ideal venue for this prestigious fellowship program. Fellows will have the unique opportunity to learn from distinguished faculty members, engage in collaborative projects, and build a strong network of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Refugio’s inclusion in the FBLP program is a testament to his remarkable achievements and exceptional potential. With a strong background in organizational development, education, and administration, coupled with his expertise in areas such as local governance, public management, human resource management, statistics, and data science, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the program.

His selection for the Leadership and Democracy LEAD Fellowship is a recognition of his exceptional abilities and commitment to leadership and social development. With his impressive track record and the invaluable experience, he will gain through the FBLP program, he is poised to make a lasting impact in the field of public service and emerge as a beacon of inspiration for future generations.

Last month, Refugio also received three University awards conferred by the University of Nueva Caceres during its 75th University Recognition last June 21, 2023 namely, Outstanding Service Award, Innovative Award, and Malasakit Award for his steadfast commitment in providing development opportunities and active servant-leadership from regional development to nation-building.


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