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Literacy enhancement towards learners’ growth and development

By Margarita T. Buena

Various studies revealed that the quality of education in the Philippines is continuously declining. One of the important causes for this phenomenon is the low academic performance in elementary. This academic performance of the students can be attributed to their proficiency in English. This brought an alarming impact towards job-providing industries in and out of the country and is currently driving the Department of Education to intensify the effort of providing an educational system that will improve student’s mastery in Reading. Vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension are the three elements of English language that will greatly help the students for them to be considered as proficient in English particularly in speaking and writing matters. When one has a wide vocabulary, he/she will have many words to be used and to be shared with others and then when one has limited words in his/her mind, there will be difficulties in understanding some matters. Grammar is also a must to be learned and mastered because this element is very essential in all aspects. When one mastered the grammar, it would be very easy to construct sentence correctly and to write a very comprehensive composition. And lastly the reading comprehension has a great help for the pupils to be considered as proficient in the language. It helps in the way that the pupils will not only understand the reading material as it is but they will comprehend the text metaphorically. Literacy enhancement will be very beneficial to the pupil’s not only in their academic field but also these will greatly help in their future.


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