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LTO launches ‘drive-thru’ service for vehicle registration renewal

By Ana-Liza Macatangay

Have your motor vehicle registered in 20 minutes!

“The LTO Pamplona Drive-Thru Motor Vehicle (MV) Registration Facility was established through the initiative of LTO-5 RD Francisco P. Ranches, Jr., CESO VI, in cooperation with the owner of the Naga Star Prince PMVIC, where said facility is situated and housed,” LTO Pamplona Chief Nero Dy Claro said in an interview with the Philippine Information Agency-Camarines Sur.

LTO 5 launched its second drive-thru motor vehicle registration renewal facility in Pamplona, Camarines Sur, on Monday, November 7 following the inauguration of the first drive-thru facility at LTO-Pili extension office in Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur.

This initiative will give busy motorists a breather from the long queue in various district offices.

LTO Pamplona Drive-Thru Motor Vehicle (MV) Registration Facility Window 1 where the motorist will hand over the documents from the Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center. (Photo credits: LTO 5 Facebook page)

MV processing at the Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC) will take an average of 12 to 17 minutes, while drive-through renewals can take up to 3 minutes.

Claro clarified that transactions at the drive-thru are only limited to plain renewal of registrations of motor vehicles and does not include other miscellaneous transactions.

"It means to say that other transactions that require the issuance of a new CR due to the revision of records, such as the transfer of ownership, change of body design and color, change of classification, cancellation of a mortgage, and the like, cannot be processed in the drive-through. "Hence, those applications with miscellaneous transactions shall be processed only at the district office," Nero added.

Motorists only have to follow three easy steps to get the MV Drive-thru service.

After having his vehicle checked at the PMVIC, the motorist will proceed to the drive-thru facility and hand over the documents at Window 1, where an evaluator will quickly check the form. The final step is at Window 2, where a cashier will receive the payment.

Just like buying his preferred stuff at his favourite fast food chain, a motorist can get good service thru its drive-through facility without getting off from his vehicle.


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