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Makabansa, a closer look

By Rene C. Malanyaon

When the conflicts in Syria, in parts of Africa, between Israel and Palestine, and in other parts of the world happened and are still happening, I asked myself, “What is happening to us, humans?”

When Russia invaded Ukraine, I was sad but I thank GOD that our beloved country is an archipelago. I said to myself, “No one can encroach and invade our territorial boundaries!”

But, lo and behold, the media is full of news about the “activities in the West Philippine Sea”, of the so called “gentlemen’s agreement” with China.

Why do these things happen?

May I give my insight into what is happening.

In my previous article here in Bicol Mail, I have quoted Pope Francis. According to him, “We have lost the harmony of the three languages; the head --- thinking, the heart --- feeling, and the hands --- doing.”

The Head. We all know that GOD created us with intellect and free will -the intellect to think and choose what is good for us and for others, the free will to do what is right and what is wrong! We were educated about these things, ideas and theories from different disciplines. But . . .

The Heart. It is said from the Scriptures that what comes from the outside does not make us unclean but rather what comes from the inside, from our heart is the one that makes us unclean. The heart, the core of our feelings, of our motivations, the indwelling part of our being. I dream of a country where politics is good. Where leaders after an honest election come together and talk, have dialogue for the common good of our people and our nation. Let us not deprive ourselves of our inherent human, moral, social, and existential dignity where one thinks not just for oneself but for the “kapwa”, too. Maybe, man have forgotten that we are in a sense, “kapwa”, too.

You may say that I am an idealist. But, may we remember that we have Hope that does not disappoint.

The Hand. Since, we have Hope that does not disappoint, I dream of a Filipino People where election is a time of celebration --- a time to celebrate the voice of our people, a time to celebrate the unstained hands that will write the names of our future leaders. The unstained hand of a voter whose free choice not bought come from an educated, enlightened and discerning heart.

As a teacher, in my role as a community leader, it troubles me to see what is happening in our beloved country and in the whole world. For what good is our dream if one day we may lose everything!

One night I had a dream. What was my dream? In my dream, I saw one early morning, men in uniform coming down from the sky in parachute swarming our place. With what is happening now, I pray that this particular dream may not come true! GOD forbid.

May I invite everyone to ponder the following:

Pilipinas Kong Mahal?

Pilipinas Kong Mahal . . .

Pilipinas Kong Mahal !

Pilipinas Kong Mahal.


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