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Man kills self with knife

By Paulo DS. Papa

A 29-years-old male who snatched the sharp knife of a meat vendor stabbed himself while running away. The bizarre incident happened in the morning of Sunday, Dec. 5 in Barangay Dayangdang, Naga City.

The man’s family requested that his name be witheld, PSMS Tobias Bongon III, Naga City police spokesperson said.

Bongon said the man who died as a result of the self-implicated wounds, was a resident of Zone 6, Sitio San Rafael, Barangay Cararayan, Naga City. He was suffering from depression and was not in his normal self, according to his sister.

Police report said at around 7:45 AM on Sunday, the victim approached John Enciso, a 42- years-old butcher of Bayawas, Barangay Abella, Naga City. Enciso said that the victim asked him about the price of his meat products.

Then all of a sudden, the victim grabbed the knife from the shop and ran towards Dayangdang. The man, while being chased by the Enciso, stabbed himself several times and collapsed along Bulusan Street.

Homer Nova, a 33-years-old businessman and a resident of Bulusan Street immediately called an ambulance after witnessing the incident. The victim was rushed to Naga City Hospital. Dr. Azuero Baysa declared him dead on arrival.

Police said the victim’s cause of death was due to loss of blood as a result of multiple stab wounds.


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