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Mayor to NCPO: Resolve Roselle Bandojo slay soon

By Jason B. Neola

DETERMINED to ensure police visibility in the city’s 27 barangays even during the unholy hours of the night, Mayor Nelson Legacion instructed Col. Nelson Pacalso, city director of the Naga City Police Office (NCPO), to come up with a list of places that clearly defines the area of jurisdiction of each six police stations.

The instruction was articulated by the city mayor during the conduct of a command conference on Monday, July 31, after he told Pacalso to fast track the investigation of the Roselle Bandojo gruesome killing. “Police authorities must resolve the case with haste,” he said.

The mayor’s instruction about the list of strategic places aims to ensure that each police station will constantly monitor even during the wee hours of the night the remote, vacant, and abandoned properties or sites in their respective areas of coverage.

He even enjoined the police officers to manifest their individual contact/cellphone numbers on a board built in a conspicuous place in front of their respective police stations or post them on their social media account so that the public can easily reach for police assistance.

Legacion said that the monitoring or the conduct of actual rounds by policemen in the communities should be undertaken with coordination and assistance from the barangays.

The command conference that the city mayor called allowed the NCPO to formally make its request for the different stakeholders to invest on high resolution CCTV cameras. It also cited the need for a stronger police-community relations to be able to achieve a strong and smooth collaboration, cooperation, and coordination among public entities and private establishments.

Legacion instructed Renne Gumba, executive officer of the Public Safety Office, to coordinate with the barangays regarding the operationalization of the LGUs CCTVs and their capability to aid investigations. Gumba was also tasked to consolidate the monitoring system of the city in partnership with various stakeholders.

POLICE probers try to gather some details from where the lifeless body of the victim was found.

City Councilor Ramon Melvin Buenafe, chairman of the Sangguniang Panlungsod committee on peace and order, manifested his plan to review and update, if necessary, the existing city ordinances that are related to peace and order, and public safety.

The Naga City Police Office (NCPO) has finally located the lifeless body of 17-year-old Roselle Bandojo 6 days after she was reported missing last July 22, this year.

Her cadaver was found by police authorities and barangay officials at a vacant lot in Barangay Liboton where it was dumped and covered with cloth, mud, and rubbles.

Roselle’s body was recovered last Friday, July 28, after a padyak (pedicab) driver tipped off the NCPO Police Station 3 headquartered at Peñafrancia Avenue about the smell of a rotting flesh surrounding the vacant lot. The police authorities went to the area along with barangay officials and personnel.

Mayor Nelson Legacion offered a P100,000 reward for those who can provide an information that will lead to the arrest of the perpetrators. This, as he pressed for the immediate action on the case, stressing that he wants the horrendous killing to be resolved.


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