MNCCI: Naga’s business economy now recovering

By Mark A. Gomez

“Recovering but still not there”.

This was the pronouncement of Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) President Ferdinand Sia about the status of the business economy of Naga City.

The downtrend in the city’s business economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic and typhoons is now climbing slowly as a result of the city government, MNCCI and other sectors’ effective plans to revive the city’s robust business and economic activities.

In an online interview with Sia on Dec. 4, this year, he said that in every crisis, comes an opportunity.

Businesses related to essential goods like pharmaceuticals, food production and others are the ones in a better position. He said this kind of business was not affected by the pandemic and typhoons.

He said that this sector continue to operate even with the prevailing pandemic.

Hopefully with the vaccine for Covid-19 is made available, the city’s economy will be back to normal, Sia said.

He said that the MNCCI also has a resiliency plan to withstand any crisis it will face.

Despite of the gradual business recovery, he said that the battle in bringing back the city’s economy is yet far from over.

The city government, traders and residents have still a lot of work to do in order to recover from economic losses because of the pandemic and calamities.

He opined that in order to achieve faster economic recovery, we must follow the government’s health protocol against Covid-19.

Sia also said that hard hit by the crises brought about by the pandemic and typhoons are the small business owners, those in the tourism related businesses (hotels, travel agencies and resorts), and restaurants owners who are paying rents.

He added that that businesses like bars and others operating at night were also severely affected by the current crises.

Most of these shops have closed not because of poor management. They closed shops because they have no customers as a result of the lockdown, Sia said.

Sia further said that the accessibility and the availability of resources, which is the biggest factor in having good business were constrained by the pandemic.

The MNCCI head also recognized the government’s efforts to help business owners through cash aid, loans and other programs.

Sia clarified that the MNCCI as an organization helps its members in terms of how to come up with a good business plan and program. It also provides business advices to members.