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MNWD cites summer months for low supply

By Brandon Yulolo

The recent summer season has contributed substantially to the depletion of the water sources, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) reported.

Au Gonzales, MNWD public relations officer, said a 30-percent reduction in the discharge of the MNWD’s water source in Mt. Isarog this year resulted in low supply. She added that the existing outputs of the different pumping stations are not enough to supply the demand of the water district’s entire coverage area, which includes other nearby towns Gainza, Camaligan, Canaman, and Magarao.

“Ang satuya pong water every year siya nagbabawas, especially during the summer season or dry season lalo siyang nagbabagsak which is ang nangyayari sa mga sources ta ngunyan. Ang sources kasi ng MNWD ay extracted galing sa pumping stations and sa spring,” Gonzales explained.

She added that other factors that contributed to water shortage are water losses due to equipment damages, water contamination, and illegal tapping of water by non-registered individuals.

“Apart from that, igwa tung mga inaapod na water loss or itong tubig na dae talaga makakaabot sa mga household. Ang rason diyan pwede na nag ka leakages, busted pipelines, or mga flushing activities kung sain nagpapaluwas ning dakulang volume ning tubig para malinig si tubig sa sarong lugar. Possible din na may properties or establishments na may illegal tapping na nakakaapekto din sa pagdikit ning tubig na nakakaduman sa mga tao,” Gonzales added.

She said plans are being put in place in order to provide long term solutions to the problem. Among them are the development of new water sources and extension of water lines in areas that far-flung areas or those lacking in supply in order to properly cover their needs. They are also looking to procure new equipment in order to ensure efficient water pressure maintenances to avoid supply interruptions.

We admit that MNWD is facing these challenges in terms of water supply. We call on our consumers to store water for emergency purposes in case of low water supply or service interruption, she said.

Gonzales also urged consumers to help in water conservation and practice water-saving measures.

Irate and dissatisfied MNWD customers have been very vocal in expressing their complaints in social media against the water district’s poor service.

The MNWD has suffered losses for the last three years due to mismanagement. Recently, its general manager was removed by the Board of Directors (BOD) for loss of trust and confidence.

Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion, in a radio interview, said that the MNWD employees association is planning to call for the mass resignation of the members of the BOD to pave the way for reforms and recovery of the water district.


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