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MNWD conducts strategic planning for continuous service improvement

In response to the changing environment and gradual increase in water demand, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) conducted a Strategic Business Planning on September 14, 2021, attended by the MNWD Board of Directors and the Management Committee at the MNWD Multipurpose Hall and via Zoom conference. The activity enabled the District to identify goals, set priorities, and strengthen operations in order to meet the shifting needs of the community.

The planning was made comprehensive as much as possible, which led to the formation of new and more calculated objectives concerning internal and external issues. During the session, several vital topics were covered including water demand management in different service areas, improving the MNWD organizational structure and staffing plan, Performance Improvement Program, and other factors concerning the enhancement of the District’s services given to the public. As a result, the management and members of the Board were able to establish solutions in various areas including reinforcements on water supply reliability and adequacy.

BOD Chairman Engr. Emeterio Aman, while setting directions as to the conduct of MNWD’s Strategic Planning with the other members of the Board and the Management Committee in attendance.

Strategic Planning is one way where MNWD can identify issues and set appropriate goals, to meet the changing needs of its concessionaires.

In order to ensure water supply reliability, MNWD seeks to maintain and solidify its efforts for the optimum conservation and protection of its watersheds. Alongside to this is the development and enhancement of waterlines in Gainza. The District will also look into the exploration of new water sources to augment water supply in Magarao, Canaman, and Camaligan – the three other municipalities belonging to the endpoints of MNWD’s service coverage. Not only that, continuous improvement on customer-related services is likewise given emphasis especially now that the pandemic is still present and requires actions to lead a better normal.

MNWD’s Strategic Business Planning intends to assess current conditions and priority issues from results of performance and audit, and to fill in the gaps of implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of MNWD’s essential tasks. It also includes strategizing for better leadership and trust within the District, better project reliability, and improved water supply. The District aims to perform at its best, that its workers and consumers may share the same vision and mindset concerning its ultimate goals, for the continued progress of society’s water resources. (YMMSavilla)


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